Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Sick Call Cabinet

This is the Sick Call or Last Rites Cabinet that hung in my maternal grandfathers house when he was young. It now hangs in my parents home and is willed to my oldest son, Ben, who expressed his desire for it.

My grandfather was given last rites from the items in the cabinet when he was a child. Obviously he lived, but the story he told of that day is a treasure to our family. As is the cabinet.


  1. My great-grandparents had several of these in the old house in upstate New York. I remember as a child I was fascinated by them.

  2. Never heard of such a cabinet. I've heard of last Rites, but didn't know there were items given and cherished in a cabinet. I'm sure there is more to this, I will have to discuss with with some of my Catholic (?) friends.

  3. Great information. I was clueless about this. My husband grew up Catholic, but they were Texans and not really orthodox.
    Thanks for sharing.