Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow Friday - Genealogy Frame of Mind

I'm so excited about the blog I'm featuring in my follow friday post. Karen, at Genealogy Frame of Mind, is just starting a series of posts on how to prepare for a research trip.

Today, I scheduled my first research trip in 9 years (see yesterdays Find a Grave entry) and need to get organized! She will be taking us through the steps of creating a "Research Notebook". Today's post explains what is contained in her research notebooks and how to put one together. Since I am more of a visual learner I can't wait for next week when she will be posting photos of what these notebooks look like.

I also need to give a shout it to The Shy Genealogist whose has this great post on linking family group sheets.

My genealogy life these days is all about organization and these ladies are organizational pros!


  1. Getting organized is definitely essential. Have a great time out and about, researching, and creating the Research Notebook. I would love to read about how that helps you!

    I know my most frustrating brick wall has her own folder, and it contains every census image on which she appears, the few records I have on her, and a timeline about her, plus any research notes. Hm, perhaps I will post photos if it, and maybe it will help others.

    Now you've inspired me!

  2. I love those research trips! Hope you find many wonderful things!