Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday - Ginisology

My Follow Friday post is for Gini's Ginisology Blog

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Gini and already follow her blog.  However, I wanted to share some of Gini's recent postings and my admiration for her determination to share all she knows about her ancestors who owned slaves.

Recently, Gini lost her 96 year old Oma in Germany and posted a moving and loving tribute to her on her blog.  It brought to mind the lose of my own grandmother in 2008 and how good it felt to be loved unconditionally.  Every child should be loved like that.

Gini also honored her mother and Oma in a posting back in March entitled Give Their Faces a Name - 21st Edition of Smile for The Camera and a beautiful Happy Birthday post to her mother.  Obviously, these women have had a huge impact on Gini's life and she has done such a wonderful job honoring them.

My admiration for Gini continues in her series of postings of "Slave Surnames of the Beal Ijames Plantation. "
Here is an excerpt from Gini's first post Friend of Friends - Honoring the Slaves of the Beal Ijames Plantation - 1st Generation.  

In my family history I have the names of the slaves that were on my 4th great grandfather, Beal Ijames plantation. I will be posting five generations of the descendants of: John Wesley Ijames, a slave on the Beal Ijames plantation. Being that there is quite a bit of information, I have decided that each generation will be an individual post and I will attempt to post at least once to twice a week. The information I have will be posted exactly as I had received it. I feel it is extremely important to get what information I have on the slaves in my family history out there in hopes to helping another.

Gini goes on to give credit to her distant cousin Roberta for much of the research she has been given on the Ijames Family History.  I give credit to Gini for posting this information.  I too have southern ancestors and although I have yet to find evidence of slave ownership I feel certain that I will.  I have wondered when that time comes what is the appropriate way to share and how do I get this information into the hands of those who can use it.  By following Gini's lead, I now know how. 
 Friend of Friends

A Friend of Friends, I am here to help, to care, to honor and share with respect, with kindness, with reverence. With the hopes that a name or a date or any information that I have, could help another move on to find a family member, or an enslaved ancestor and that they will never be forgotten.

To learn more about the the Friend of Friends postings visit Sandra over at "I Never Knew My Father" and Luckie at "Our Georgia Roots" .


  1. Lisa ~

    I an speechless and very touched. I cannot thank you enough for this most amazing follow friday you have done for me! Having been given the rare kind of love from my mother and grandmother (Oma) has taught me so much in come from love as much as you possibly can, I can see you are that way too!

    Thank you so much!!

  2. Great choice. Gini is one of my faves.

  3. Lisa,
    I agree. I look forward to Gini's Oma stories. Thanks for bringing Gini's blog to the forefront.