Monday, April 19, 2010

What I Learned From The Case of Florence Brane Irwin

Yesterday I posted about finding Freddie Driggs.  Today I'm exploring another discovery I made over the weekend.

The case of Florence Marie Brane Irwin.

What I knew about Florence prior to this weekend: 
  1. I knew that Florence was the daughter of John Thomas Brane and Marilla Elma Scott Brane.
  2. I knew that Florence was born 18 Mar 1887 in Wabash County, Indiana
  3. I knew that Florence died 27 Aug 1907 (age 20) in Elwood, Madison, Indiana.
  4. I knew that Florence was buried in Center Grove Cemetery, Lincolnville, Wabash, Indiana
  5. I had a picture of Florence's headstone from my trip back in 2001.
This weekend, while at the library, I transcribed a marriage from the book "Wabash County Indiana Marriage 1835-1899" for a Bert Erwin and Florence M. Brane 11 Aug 1906, Wabash County, Indiana.

Since Florence was buried under her maiden name of Brane, and since she died at age 20, I assumed Florence had never married.  And I would have continued under that assumption if I had not pulled out the old Brane family bible to transcribe the entries.  In the bible this is what I found cut out of a newspaper:

Very Sad Death

Mrs. Florence Irwin, died at her home at 517 South Twenty-second street, this morning, at 10 o'clock of typhoid fever, after an illness of several weeks. She had been married about one year and the sincere sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved husband. Arrangements for the funeral of this good woman had not been made this afternoon.

The bible belonged to my Great Great Grandparents and Florence was their daughter.  How very sad they must have been to tape that entry into the front cover. 

What I learned from Florence Marie Brane Irwin?  Don't assume anything when researching your family history.  Even those who died young have a story to tell.

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  1. The stories and memories tucked away in old Bibles and books many times rare finds. Thanks for a good story.