Friday, July 30, 2010

Follow Friday - 2338 W. Washington Boulevard

My Follow Friday entry is a delightful blog written by my friend Margel.  I like everything about this blog but I especially love the catchy title.  Here is the story behind 2338 W. Washington Boulevard in Margel's own words: This address is the home owned by my great grandparents, Edward P. Kennelly and Mary Winifred McDonnell Kennelly. During the difficult times, many family members moved back and took up residence here again often bringing their families with them. It was a home and a refuge.

Margel's blog is filled with wonderful old black and white photographs including those found in the post here.
Recently she has been posting about her research trips.  Read about the first one here, the second one here and her current trip here

Margel's writing style has a comfortable and familar feeling.  I'm sure you'll feel right at home at 2338 W. Washington Boulevard.


  1. Lisa - How can I remain invisible if you mention my blog? But, thank you, I appreciate the kind words.

  2. You shouldn't be invisible!!! That is my point! LOL!