Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brane Family Reunion Photo - 1918

You can read the story of the family reunion photo here and here.  I've scanned and copied just sections of the photo below with the names of the people that have been identified.  If you are a Brane descendent please take a look and see if you can name anyone in the photo.

Man on the left is Milton OWEN, next to him is his wife Stella Young OWEN and I believe the little boy in front of them may be their son Milbourne OWEN.  Others unknown.

Little boy second row on the left is James Austin BRANE, in front of him and mostly cut off in this photo is Estacorine BRANE,  the lady in the back row on the left in the hat is Osie Luree BRANE, the woman next to her is Amanda Bricker BRANE, the little girl in front of Amanda is Marguerite Desdoma KENDALL. Others unknown.

First lady on the left (mostly cut off) Opal Jennings BRANE, next to her is Marie BRUMBAUGH and behind her is her husband John BRUMBAUGH.  Next to John and holding the baby is Homer KENDALL.  The baby is Kenneth KENDALL.  The stylish woman in the hat is Vesta Elizabeth Brane KENDALL.  All others unknown.

In this photo the only one identified is the man in the hat on the right.  He is David BRANE. All others unknown.

All five of these Brane family members have been identified!  From left to right is John Thomas BRANE, his wife Marilla Elma Scott BRANE, slightly behind is Addison SHAFFER, next to him is Charles BRANE and on the end is Charle's wife Bessie Howard BRANE.

I'd like to thank everyone who has left a comment on this blog over the past two days.  It is so special to be able to share my excitement with a group of people who understand and care.  I love reading the comments and want to be sure I let you know how much I appreciate you!

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