Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Leo Patrick Bowser

Leo Patrick BOWSER
b: 4 Jul 1928 Marion, Grant, Indiana
d: 21 May 1999 Minneapolis, Anoka, Minnesota
Burial:  Marion National Cemetery, Marion, Indiana

Uncle Leo was the son of Vernal BOWSER and Mary Mamie HANLEY.  He was one of four children born to Vernal and Mamie and the only surviving son.  Although Uncle Leo married in 1975, it was a short term kind of thing and he was mostly known as the "bachelor" uncle.  He was also a fun uncle!

I have so many fun memories with Uncle Leo.  Mostly I remember the houses he lived in.  When I was little he little in a small house under a water tower.  Across the street was an apple orchard and I remember playing in that orchard with my cousins for hours.  This house was also close to a drive-in theatre and Uncle Leo use to pile all us cousins up into his car and take us to the movies there! 

I'm not sure when he moved but at one time he lived above a bar and we cousins used to go down when it was closed and play pool.  Then there was the house that was so tiny I remember even as a little girl thinking how can more than two people be in here at once?  It was like a dollhouse!

But the place I remember the most was the apartment he lived in behind my Aunt Dorothy.  I loved visiting both of them and it was so convenient running back and forth between the apartments. 

Most summers he would take us kids up to Minnesota where his youngest sister and five of my cousins lived.  Having a house full of kids running wild never bothered him or my Aunt Ginny and made for some lifetime memories for my cousins and I.

Uncle Leo never had children of his own and so this particular BOWSER line didn't carry on.  It's too bad.  He was a favorite uncle and would have been a terrific dad.

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