Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Stand Corrected

A couple of weeks ago I published a post on this blog, in response to one that Brenda posted at Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog, regarding my local genealogy society.  The post was critical of the society and expressed why I had chosen not to become a member.

A person who I admire very much read the posting and commented on it, correcting some assumptions that I made.  Due to her words I removed the entry.

But then I started thinking.....I've always told my sons if they didn't like something but refused to get involved to change the situation then they lost their right to complain.  If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.  Yet here I sat voicing my frustrations with a society I was not a member of. 

Can we all say hypocritical?

So I took the leap. I sent in my dues and joined the society.  Monday night I attend my first meeting as an official member and the experience was a positive one in many ways.

First, a friend from my church genealogy group attended with me and also joined that evening.  Together we believe it is time for us to join forces with the society.  In her word "it's the right thing to with other genealogy folks."

I found the members, as a whole, very inviting.  The speaker they engaged for the evening gave a fascinating talk on the history of the Pokagon Indians in the area and answered many questions the members had afterwards.  The program scheduled for next month sounds equally as good and I can't wait to attend again.

Also, I was able to speak with a member who is experienced in indexing cemeteries regarding the project our small genealogy group has taken on.  She gave me some extremely useful advice we can implement when the snow melts and we return to our work in the Spring.  How's that for networking!

I still have some concerns about the society, but for now, I'll keep them to myself.  Except for one.......there is still the issue of members falling asleep as soon as the speaker begins talking.  Out of respect for the speaker I wish they would at least sit in the back row and not in front. 

Maybe my first suggestion will be for stronger coffee.............

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  1. Well done, Lisa, for re-examining your previous assumptions. It does us good to question our beliefs/opinions every now and then, and re-assess. Like genealogy, a step back for a while and then another look can make things seem different. I hope you enjoy your new membership (and make moves for improvement if they need it!). :-) Jo