Friday, January 27, 2012

Follow Friday - DAR Website

For more than a year I have been diligently working on my DAR application.  Both my 3rd great-grandfather, Thomas Botkin and my 4th great-grandfather, Hugh Botkin, served in the Revolutionary War and I have been trying to pull together all the documentation I need to prove my lineage.

While I've had help from the wonderful people of the William Tuffs Chapter of the DAR here in Indiana, one of the best sources of information for me has been the applications on file with the DAR that have already proven lineage of my ancestors.

You can find these on the DAR site.  Just follow this link and click on the Ancestor Tab.  Here you can search by the surname of your ancestors to see if perhaps lineage has already been proven!  If you find an application on file you can order it for $10.00 and download it immediately!

You can use this information in two ways:

1.  If an ancestor down the line has already been proven you will only need to prove your link to that person.  In my case both Thomas and Hugh have been proven but I need to prove my link to my 2nd great-grandfather Isaac and his link to his father Thomas.

2.  I've been able to use the information in these applications to track down the original sources they used.  One of the applications that I ordered had proven the link of Isaac's brothers to his father Thomas.  I can obtain and use this same source and use it as proof of Isaac's parentage.

If you suspect you may have a Revolutionary Soldier in your family be sure and use the search feature on the Ancestor Tab.  You never know what you may find!

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