Friday, January 18, 2013

My Latest Genealogical Obsession!

Where have I been for the last two months?  Researching, researching, researching!

My latest obsession are the Indiana Marriage Record images on!  Of course the counties I'm researching in are not yet indexed by name, but that hasn't stopped me from searching those images looking for the marriage records on my ancestors.

So far, knock on wood, I have been successful in locating everyone I have looked for.  Along the way I have even stumbled upon marriage records I didn't know about.  I've discovered both maiden names and date of marriage that were missing from my database.

I've spent countless hours at this and I'm no where near done.

Am I obsessed?  You bet.


  1. How funny! I came across their records for Illinois weddings and was lost for days, too. It is very addicting.

  2. I was obsessed with the indexed Ohio Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes. So addicting. I found most everyone and had a blast linking these records to FS-FT. So fun!!!

  3. I know the feeling of being obsessed. When I'm on the trail looking for an ancestor sometimes very little gets done in other areas. This happened somewhat when I found a document just before Christmas. i shared "An Early Christmas Gift" with the blogging community, and then did two more blogs on it.

    Regards, Grant

  4. Happy Blogiversary!! I too found the unindexed marriage records. Mine were for Indiana. I would go through them until my eyes got blurry. I think they have been the most amazing things I have found online. I can't wait until they get other records on there. I don't mind searching. I am to anxious to wait for them to be indexed. Like you, I have gotten so much information which has guided me to other places.