Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DNA for Genealogy Explained!

 Roberta Estes

Wanting to do your DNA but don’t know how to begin? Having done your DNA, do you understand what you have and how to interpret the results? Come to these two fascinating and informative lectures to learn more about DNA for Genealogy!

On Saturday April 12 in the Colfax Auditorium, the St. Joseph County Public Library, in collaboration with the South Bend Area Genealogical Society, will present two lectures from national speaker Roberta Estes, an expert in the use of DNA testing for genealogical purposes.

For the first, DNA Testing for Genealogy Explained, Ms. Estes will discuss the types of DNA testing available and how these tests can serve the genealogical researcher. Her title for the lecture is DNA and Genealogy Introduction, and it will begin at 10:30.

For the second, DNA Test Results Explained, Ms. Estes will cover interpreting DNA test results. Her title for the lecture is Yikes, My Results are Back! Now What?  This presentation is for both Y-line and mitochondrial DNA. It will begin at 1:30.

You may reserve your space by calling 574-282-4621, or at http://www.libraryforlife.org/

Roberta Estes is a professional scientist, business owner, and genealogist. She excels at explaining difficult technical subjects in an understandable fashion to a nontechnical audience. She founded DNAeXplain in 2004 to provide analysis and interpretation of genetic genealogy DNA test results. Her website is http://www.dnaexplain.com/

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