Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Working!

My husband’s surname is Ellam. It’s a name that is not very common in the United States and not really that common in England either. However, in the 15+ years I have been researching his family I have never come across another person researching his direct line.

When I started my blog one of my strongest desires was to have a long lost cousin of the Ellam family do a google search and “discover” me. I dreamt of the day when I would be able to join forces with someone else and expand the family history. Alas, this has not been the case.

However, last week I received not one, but two emails from descendants of my Scott family who found my blog when searching for the Scotts online! They both referred to the postings of my Research Trip and one directly referenced America Cemetery!

So what does all this mean? It means another trip! This time to meet up with both of them and compare research notes! I am excited to meet them, I am excited to make progress on a family line I don’t know much about but mostly I’m excited that they found me through my blog.

It’s working!


  1. Congratulations! There is nothing more fun than meeting your distant cousins.
    By the way, I know some "Elams" spelled with only one "L". Do you know if the two spellings are connected?

  2. From my own experience and what I have read on other genealogy blogs, blogs really are a useful tool for getting in contact with other researchers (as well as sharing information with family). It should be so much fun to compare notes!

  3. How wonderful! I have met several distant cousins through online message boards, and the visits with them have been a fantastic experience. Maybe I ought to make my blog more visible to take full advantage of the opportunities it might offer.

  4. Congratulations. Finding cousins because of your blog is encouraging to the rest of us just starting.