Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Hello, G-G-G Grandfather....I've Been Looking For You!

You can read all about my journey of finding Minnear Cemetery here and here.

On Sunday we took my oldest back to college and then made the 30 minute trip from there to La Fontaine, Indiana to visit Minnear Cemetery, the final resting place of my g-g-g grandparents, Isaac and Caroline BOTKIN.  I was filled with emotion, the result of dropping my child back off at school and the anticipation of finally being able visit the cemetery.

On our way I called the owners of the property as instructed to let them know when I would be arriving.  They didn't answer, they weren't home.  My husband and I made the best of the situation stopping to share a pizza from the BP Station (the only thing open on a Sunday in this small town) and waited until they called back.  And waited and waited.......

Now my husband you must understand has the ultimate Type A personality.  He couldn't wait any longer and decided to drive back to the property to see if they were home but maybe just outside.  My heart was pounding as we drove up the dirt driveway only to find they weren't home.  However I was able to snap a picture of the house.  Looks like part of the original cabin is still there.  What do you think?

Just as we were leaving we saw a car coming down the road.  Could it be?  YES!  They were finally home!  We followed them back into the drive and introduced ourselves.  They were the nicest people, and wasted no time guiding us back into the woods to the cemetery.  And this is what we found:

The tall stone in the back are my g-g-g grandparents, Isaac and Caroline Minnear BOTKIN.  The smaller stone to the left is their daughter Jane BOTKIN.  The other two stones were just the bases.  The stones that, at one time, sat on top are missing.  We know from cemetery records that one of those is for  my g-g-g-g- grandfather, John MINNEAR.  But who is the other stone for?  I have a theory which I will share in another post on another day.   In the meantime, here is a close up of the stone I have been searching for the past few months: 

Find a Grave memorials for Isaac, Caroline, Jane and John can be found by clicking on their names.

To read a fun story about how Thomas Edison figured into the life of Isaac and my g-g grandmother Mariah click here!


  1. How exciting, and well done to your hubby for pointing out the "gap" you couldn't see. A fresh pair of eyes is sometimes all you need. Jo

  2. Really enjoying your blog! Thanks for the link and for the photos of my husbands GGGG grandfather and families final resting place.

  3. Is it true a and b match well. I think you have good luck and you make your good luck. I was wodering why you had to wait for them. I can not Imagine a little plot like this on my land. The stones do give you a desire to know more of their history.