Friday, December 31, 2010

Follow Friday - Reflections From The Fence

I chose Reflections as my follow Friday post due to Carol's posting on December 28th, My Soapbox Times Ten.  However, since she was inspired by Barbara at Life From The Roots, I really should be giving credit to both of them!

In both cases they are reflecting on 2010 and choosing their Top Ten.  In Carol's case it is her top ten lessons she uses over and over again.  Be sure and check them out here.

I've chosen to list 11 genealogy goals for next year in honor of 2011.  So here they are....

1.  Attend a Cemetery Preservation Workshop here in Indiana.  I have spent many hours this past year visiting old, abandoned cemeteries and still have more on my list to find.  I want to learn how to preserve these stones without doing any harm.

2.  Find and visit the rest of the old family cemeteries on my list.  2010 taught me two things.  Number 1 that these cemeteries are quickly deteriorating and need to be record ASAP and number 2 that persistence pays off.  Years spent trying to located the Minnear Cemetery paid off in 2010.

3.  Continue blogging.  In 2010 I met and began correspondence with many undiscovered "cousins" with whom I have been sharing information.  All of them found me through my blog.  The time I put into writing about my research adventures has paid off a hundred fold!

4.  Become a better blog commenter.  I follow over 100 genealogy blogs on my Google Reader.  The vast amount of knowledge I have obtained from my fellow geneabloggers writings is immeasurable.  But I'm horrible at leaving comments.  And, I'm embarrassed about that.  In 2011 I will be better.

5.  Begin developing monthly goals.  This is an idea I've learned from Tina over at Gen Wish List.  By breaking my goals down monthly, I feel like I'll be more dedicated to reaching them.  Sort of like eating the elephant one bite at a time.

6.  Follow Amy's new 2011 series over at We Tree.  Her 52 weeks series in 2010 was awesome and I'm sure what she comes up with in 2011 will be even better!

7.  Attend a national conference.  In truth, this one will be a stretch for me.  With two boys in college all our spare money is going towards their education.  Mine may need to take a back burner for a few more years.  But I really want to meet my blogging friends so I'm putting it out there.  Let's see what karma can do for me!

8.  Scan, scan, scan......all those old photographs my mom has.  Water or fire could destroy them in a second.  I need to get them preserved.

9.  Organize, organize, organize.  My files have taken over my closet and the side of my bed.  I have a brand new (to me) four drawer file cabinet sitting in my "office" downstairs waiting for all my genealogy files. I need to get busy putting them away.

10.  Visit the Allen County Library.  I live less then 2 hours away yet don't make it a priority.  I haven't even begun to tap into the resources available to me at this library.

11.  Relax and enjoy.  Genealogy is a hobby for me yet, sometimes, I find myself stressed and overwhelmed by all I want and need to do.  I need to remember to enjoy the journey and the people I meet along the way.  Sadly, I have "met" some family researchers online and in libraries this year who are not happy people.  They border on mean and stingy about their work and their research.  They are stringent and inflexible.  Please lord, don't let me become that person.  I want to keep in mind always that genealogy is about family.  And family is the most important reason for living.

Happy 2011 Everyone!


  1. Thank you for the mention! I hope you like the 2011 challenge.

  2. Great list, Lisa. Especially the last item.

  3. Thank you for the shout out, it is so appreciated.

    I too like your list, and number 11 is the most important, Relax and enjoy!

    And, like you, I am looking forward to Amy's 2011 list of 52 challenges!

  4. Lisa, I agree Reflections is a good blog to follow. And thank you kindly for my mention as well. I hope you can get to the Allen CPL, never been there, but dream of a visit. Good luck with your research, I think you will do fine. We are here for you.

  5. Great goals, and relax and enjoy the best of them all - it really helps the others to get done. Happy New Year; hope 2011 is a great one for you.

  6. Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for your comments! May we all relax and enjoy!