Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - The Coomler Children

Barbury Ellen Coomler
Age 4
Born:  29 Dec 1843
Died:  19 May 1848

Daniel Jacob Coomler
Age 2
Born:  22 Mar 1846
Died: 10 Jun 1848

Joseph F. Coomler
Age 14 months
Born:  2 Jun 1857
Died: 27 Aug 1858

George Broderick Coomler
Age 11
Born:  16 Feb 1851
Died: 16 Feb 1862

All are children of Jacob and Mary Hoffman COOMLER.  All buried in America Cemetery, LaFontaine, Wabash, Indiana.


  1. Wow, finding something like this would send me straight to the archives to find out how they died.

    I have an ancestor in my tree who, over the course of 5 years, lost 4 children & her husband and then dying herself leaving 5 children orphans.

    I know it was not unusual for the time frame (mid 1800's) but still, I just can't imagine loss to that extent!!

    So Sad!!

    Telling Their Tales

  2. I agree Hillary. They must have been hardy stock to take that much sadness in their lives. I don't know that I have it in me to survive so much loss.

    This particular town that the children died in (America, IN) doesn't exist anymore. Most of the town was wiped out in the smallpox epidemic. This cemetery is abandoned and sits on a piece of farmland in the woods.

    It's kind of spooky! HA!

  3. I am a descendent of the parents of these..

    1. I have also been in contact with David Coomler at hokku@spiretech.com. You may want to reach out to him as well!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. These are my great, great, great aunts and uncle's tombstones. Mary and Jacob Coomler are my ancestors. So sad that these passed when they were children, at least my ancestor, John, son of Jacob and Mary who was born in 1837 survived and died in 1925! Thank you!