Friday, January 6, 2012

Follow Friday - Southern California Genealogical Society

So why is girl from the Hoosier state excited about following the Southern California Genealogical Society website? Because of the Jamboree Extension Series of course!

As a follow up to the popular extension series of 2011 the 2012 series will begin tomorrow, January 7th, with the FREE webinar "Me and My Laptop: Getting the Most Out of Your Laptop While Researching Onsite" presented by Linda Woodward Geiger.  The description says:

"Tips for making onsite research more efficient and productive using DropBox (or similar cloud) in conjunction with spreadsheets, word processing programs, genealogy software, and more."

Count me in!  If you want to register for the webinar follow the link here

To see the complete listing of webinars  click here.

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