Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Suggest a Correction on Find A Grave

I have been a member of Find A Grave for almost 4 years now.  In that time I have found the final resting place of hundreds of my ancestors on the site.

Usually when I find a listing on Find A Grave I have additional information I would like added to the memorial.  Over the years I have read countless complaints both on the Find A Grave discussion boards and in other forums on the web about Find A Grave members who don't make the suggested changes and additions that have been requested.

Often these complaints arise because the person making the suggestion has not read the FAQ's on the site and isn't following the correct procedure.  Frustration sometimes leads to name calling and other unnecessary and counter-productive behaviors.

Here is the correct way to suggest a correction:

Step 1:  Open the memorial you would like to suggest changes or additions to.
Step 2:  Look on the upper right corner of the memorial and find the "Edit" tab.
Step 3:  Select the Edit tab to open a new window that lists actions you can take with the memorial.
Step 4:  Select the first choice "Suggest a Correction or Provide Additional Information".
Step 5:  Check the cc: "Send me a Copy of this Email" box.
Step 6:  Be sure and thank the Find A Grave volunteer who created this memorial and then list the changes and additions you would like made.
Step 7:  Sign the email and list your Find A Grave member number (this number is found next to your name on your member page--find your name on the left hand panel and click on it to open this screen)

That is how to correctly suggest changes and additions to a memorial.  This way the links to the memorial are provided to the creator making it easy to make the changes and insuring they are made to the right memorial.

Here are some DONT'S when asking for changes:

1.  Don't demand the changes and additions be made.  Remember we are all volunteers on this site.
2.  Don't email the changes directly to the member.  Not everyone checks their email on a consistent basis.
3.  Don't request the changes on their public member page.  Same reason as above.

If the changes you request are not made after 30 days, send a copy of the email you sent (that is why you ALWAYS check the "send me a copy of this email" box) to edit at Find A Grave.  They will make the changes for you.

What if you would like the memorial transferred to your ownership instead of just asking for changes?  I'll cover the correct procedure for that next week.


  1. Oh wow, I feel like I just dodged a bullet. I never looked at the Edit tab (assuming it worked only for the original volunteer), so I sent a correction directly to the volunteer's email. It worked out fine and she was appreciative. Thanks for this information, in case I need to submit a suggested correction in the future.

  2. Wendy:

    Most volunteers on Find A Grave are flexible, however, there are some that will not make the suggested changes unless the above procedure is followed. I just want everyone to be aware of the correct way to avoid any disappointments! Overall, my experience on the site has been wonderful!


  3. Great post, Lisa. I've never had a problem with people not making the changes. There were a couple times when the person who created the memorial had passed away as well, and I just requested the memorial be changed over to me.

  4. I have always used this procedure and it has gone quite well. Recently I found two memorials for the same person. The guy who posted first had the full name, including maiden, and a photo of the woman and her very lengthy obituary but said the remains were cremated and burial not known. The second person had a photo of the tombstone and the cemetery listed but did not know the maiden name. I sent and identical post to both of them, listed all numbers of both the members and the memorials and asked if they could get together on this and combine their memorials to make one complete one and when they did would they please connect her to her mother's memorial which was MY memorial. They have neither one responded to me or changed their memorials. But it's only been a week. I will wait. One thing I have found to be good when suggesting an addition or correction, is to list those things and then say "I don't know how busy you are but if you'd prefer to transfer this memorial to me I will be happy to make all the corrections myself." There are a lot of people who are very busy adding memorials and some of them are quite happy to transfer. Others won't transfer for anything unless you fall into the generational guidelines set up by F.A.G.