Monday, January 30, 2012

Mystery Monday - Can You Help Date This Photo?

I just love this photo!  Whoever they are I bet they were lots of fun!

**This is one of a handful of photos found in an album among the possessions of Clyde Arthur BRANE (1881-1972), grandson of Daniel and Mariah Anderson BRANE.  The name on the outside of the album reads Mariah Anderson BRANE.


  1. I love your photo! I think these two beautiful ladies were photographed at a special event. They posed for this photograph and are both holding the parasol handle. Parasols were popular during the Victorian Period of 1837-1901. My guess would be late 1800s. Perhaps they attended the Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893).

  2. Linda:

    That is a great guess! They are from Northern Indiana so the Expo in Chicago is a possibility! I'll follow up on that.

    Thank you!