Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - The Baby In The Basket - Jack HANLEY

My mom has lots of stories regarding our infamous HANLEY relatives.  This is one of my favorites.

Immigrants from Ireland, they settled in Canada but frequently crossed the border into Detriot.  Some of the family eventually made their way down to Marion in Grant County, Indiana.  Regardless of where they ended up there is no doubt that the entire family was a group of lovable characters.

This is the story of Jack HANLEY.  He arrived in a basket on the doorstep of my great grand uncle Leo HANLEY and his second wife Ruth
 Ruggles Laing HANLEY at their home in Detriot. 

Ruth always said that Jack was Leo's child from a "relationship".  We really don't know for sure.  Ruth died in 1943 and Leo in 1953.  I don't know what became of Jack.  He is a brick wall for our family.  All I have is one photo of him with Uncle Leo.

That's Jack, the sweet baby in the basket.  If there are any HANLEY ancestors out there that know more about
Jack's story, please contact me.  I'm hoping for a happy ending for this little boy.

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  1. We have a story about a baby arriving on the doorstep too, but I've never found any evidence that this baby really existed. I hope Jack's relatives find you.