Thursday, July 26, 2012

#1 Item On My Bucket List Crossed Off!

Oh my poor neglected blog!

I meant to take a break after NGS but I didn't mean for it to last over two months!

I can think of no better way to resurrect it than to post what happened to me today.  Today I crossed off the #1 item on my bucket list!

I met Father Theodore Hesburgh and received a personal blessing from him!  I'm lucky enough to work on campus and to actually have this opportunity.  At 95 Father Ted stills goes into his office on the 13th floor of the library named after him.  His office is very unassuming for a man who has achieved so many honors in his life.

In fact, as I sat down and waited for him I looked over to my left and saw I was sitting right next to the Presidential Medal of Honor he received.  Just sitting there on a table!

At 95 he was still able to challenge me.  As we talked about my job (in MBA Admissions) he asked me how many women were in the program.  I was proud to tell him over 30% of the class.  He came right back at me and said "You know they are 50% of the population".  Yes, Father, I get the message!

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  1. What a wonderful story. I've been wondering what happened to you. Glad your back.