Friday, July 27, 2012

1000memories Brings a Family Together!

My husband was raised by his mother across the country from his father and his fathers family.  His relationship with his father was somewhat estranged so he really doesn't know many relatives from his paternal side.

However, after his father passed we inherited the family photographs.  Sadly, many of them were unlabeled and those that had names still remained a mystery to us.  After all, my husband didn't know this family so he had no idea who there were or how they were related.

Thanks to this blog, one of those ELLAM relatives found me and we began a conversation regarding the photos.  How was I going to share a couple hundred photos with her and get the names of those in the photograph?  Enter!  The website allows you to create "shoeboxes" to which you may upload your pictures.  You can invite others to collaborate with you on the photos so you can work together identifying and sharing them.  And best of's FREE!

I pulled out my trusty Flip-Pal and scanned close to 300 photographs is just two days!  I then uploaded them to the Shoeboxes and shared them with my collaborators.

There are now three ELLAM relatives working on identifying the photos!  This project started as a way for me to ID the photos and learn a bit about the family history.  But the most important part of the project has turned out to be the ELLAM relatives I am meeting.

Because of 1000Memories my husband is gaining a family he never met.


  1. I had never heard of, what a wonderful Idea! I'm heading for the site after this post so I too can uploaded mystery photos in hopes relatives can help put names to them. Thank you so much for sharing this.... AND WELCOME BACK.. you have been missed!

  2. I hadn't heard of either. What a fascinating tool. I have a lot of photos that I'll need to post and have labeled and didn't know how to do it. Love this post.

  3. I have used Flickr the same way in the past. As I looked at 1000 memories,I couldn't find information about the photo limit or if there are any restrictions in size. I did sign up for an account though. Thanks.