Saturday, October 12, 2013

Society Saturday - Can We All Just Work Together?

In my area of Indiana we are blessed with multiple, active genealogy groups.  Within minutes from my home there is:

The South Bend Area Genealogical Society
The Elkhart Genealogical Society
The South Bend DAR
The Elkhart DAR
The South Bend Library Genealogy Rountable
The Mishawaka Library Genealogy Roundtable
The Twigs from the Tree of Life Genealogy Group
The GENSIG (Genealogy Special Interest Group)

That's eight groups each holding monthly meetings including classes and speakers.  Two of those groups hold a yearly event that brings in speakers from outside the area, charge a fee and include vendors.  Two of these groups host an Allen County Bus Trip - held within a month of each other.

Recently I was asked the question - Can we get these groups to work together?  Is it possible?

Of all the groups mentioned the Twigs group seems most promising.  The group meets monthly and focuses on genealogy education.  There are no fees or dues to join and includes members from all the above genealogy groups.  Twigs has somehow been able to cross county lines and bring together those with a common interest in genealogy.  But does it have what it takes to lead the initiative to get all groups to work together?  Does it have the "chops" to lead the charge?

Thinking of the two separate yearly events and the two separate Allen County Bus Trips.  What if those two groups combined forces and resources?  Imagine what could be accomplished by working together.  What caliber of speaker could be brought in to one combined yearly event?  Imagine filling a bus for Allen County with members from all groups. Getting to know each other, the camaraderie which could develop!

While each group has its own focus and identity, by staying fragmented in all areas are the groups really doing what is best for each of its members?  Is it possible to form a cohort with representation from each of the groups to look at this question?

Is it possible to work together?

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  1. I think it is definitely possible to work together. We all supply a piece of the big genealogy puzzle. As long as we realize that we each provide a unique skill needed by genealogists and family historians we can be successful.