Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Euchre

I can’t remember exactly when I learned to play Euchre, I was too young to remember. I suppose I learned the same way we taught our boys, by sitting on my parents lap and watching them play. What I do know is that in my family Euchre isn’t just a card game, it’s a tradition.

My earliest memories revolve around visiting my grandparents house and my parents playing Euchre with them. Every holiday of my childhood involved a Euchre tournament at some point. All my relatives played.

Almost all those relatives are now gone but the tradition lives on. My husband and I taught our boys how to play when they were young so that they could participate in the fun. When our oldest began dating his steady girlfriend a couple of years ago we taught her how to play. She is a very good card player so we consider her a part of our family now!

Next week is our annual family reunion/vacation at the lake. We will spend seven wonderful days and nights with aunts, cousins, grandparents and in-laws. We will get caught up and bond with each other over many games of Euchre. Just like when I was a child we will place the youngest of those cousins on our laps and teach them the family game.

And I’ll be thinking of my Grandma and Grandpa Stephens smiling down on all of us and watching the fun.


  1. I learned Euchre as a child, my husband learned Set Back which is very similar, I guess. I remember lots of good times playing Euchre.

  2. Gosh, you have awakened a memory! I have almost forgotten how to play Euchre, it's been so long, but I do remember my parents and aunts and uncles playing it - and like you said, it was a tradition, not just a card game. It was the one EVERYONE played.